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Your business should work great everywhere...

This is why I develop websites that work on every device. I believe that everyone should be able to access your website, any time, anywhere.

I offer full-service web development, from design, imagery, video and graphics, right through to web application development, client-side scripting and web server management. I have honed my skills for over two decades in an industry that has rapidly evolved into the Internet that we know today. It means that I have the experience and knowledge to build and manage your web presence to achieve your goals, while you can concentrate on running your business. 

The Latest Standards

I've been using HTML and CSS to build websites since 1998, so I have a wealth of experience to draw upon when designing your next website.

I know code-fu

When it comes to developing just about any customised application, I have you covered with my extensive knowledge of PHP, JavaScript and JQuery.


If you're looking to sell your products or services online, I can tailor a variety of options and payment processors to suit your needs.

Open Source

I love open source code, and can leverage the huge array of publicly available source code to develop apps quickly and keep costs down.

Australian Web Hosting

My Australian web hosting solutions represent great value for money and provide high quality service for businesses large and small. If you purchase any new website development package from Extremely Geeky, you'll get your first year of web hosting included as part of the package. After the first year your hosting is charged at $250.00 AUD per year for a fully-managed service*. 

*For entry-level hosting service. Includes 1 hour per month CPanel management. Details of any agreed service is provided in contract.

Ready to get started on your next project?

Whether you need web design, illustrations, graphics design, or internet marketing services, I have a helpful form to take care of all the details:

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